Performance BIB Contacts

There are two Performance BIB Work Groups during the 2012-2013 programme:

Education Work Group

The aim of the Educational Work Group is to:
  • Identify and prioritise target groups and geographical zones
  • Reach agreement on the core messages
  • Define and implement a relevant communications strategy

This group is chaired by: Eddie Fellows ().

Science Work Group

The Science Work Group is focusing on the following areas:
  • Total Wine BIB Shelf-life study results
  • Wine BIB Shelf-life study results after opening package
  • Recommended procedures for Wine BIB Shelf-life trials
  • Establishing a "best by" date for wine BIBs
  • Measurement of CO2 loss during the storage of wine BIBs
  • Good filling practices with new technologies
  • Recommendations for the transport of BIB wine in maritime containers and road transport

This group is chaired by: Sophie Vialis ().

Performance BIB Officers

If you are interested in actively participating in one or both of the work groups please contact the relevant Chairperson or email .

For all general enquiries please email: .