BIB Benefits

As many wine consumers have already discovered, BIB :
  • offers a wide range of high quality appellation and varietal wines
  • keeps wine fresh for several weeks after opening the package. This is made possible because as wine is poured from a filled BIB the flexible film collapses around the wine under the effect of gravity and no air enters during the pouring process.
  • encourages responsible drinking since there is no stress to finish the entire package quickly.
  • has a very low carbon footprint.
  • is a lightweight package made from 75% paper and cardboard, which is totally recyclable.
  • is convenient to transport and store and easy to use.
  • is well adapted to outdoor activities.
  • lends itself to sharing and fun.

Click here [832KB PDF] to download Performance BIB “Re-think BIB” document providing a description of the essential advantages of BIB packaging for wine.

Click here to see a “BIB Benefits” video on youtube or here [84MB MP4] to download it.